College Outreach USA

Mentor Program

“The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future in life”

– Plato

COUSA has initiated a mentor program for students who are from: a Minority group; and/or an Inner city; and/or a Low income family (MIL), about the advantages of obtaining a college education. This mentoring program will provide information to students in grades 7-12 regarding the entire process involved in preparing for, choosing, and applying to college.

Research proves that minority groups, and/or inner city, and/or students from low income families (MIL) attend college for many reasons. Most importantly, because they have a mentor who not only believes in them, but also helps show them their own self-worth.

We believe that by providing information, friendship, and advice we can encourage all students whom we mentor to make an informed decision about which college to attend. We feel that we can even create college students out of students who never believed they could attend and graduate from college.

What Constitutes A COUSA Mentor

Most of us can think of people in our lives, more experienced than ourselves, who taught us something new, offered advice, presented a challenge, initiated friendship, or simply expressed an interest in our development as a person. They helped us negotiate an uphill path or find an entirely new path to a goal in our academic, career, or personal lives. They showed us a world larger than our neighborhood. They pointed out talents that we hadn't noticed in ourselves and stimulated ideas about what we might be able to accomplish. They nudged us when we needed a nudging.

Mentors are College and Graduate students who have a GPA of 3.0 or above, faculty, professionals, and adults in a wide variety of career paths. Most mentoring takes place on the Internet. Electronic communication eliminates the challenges imposed by time, distance, and disabilities that are characteristic of in-person mentoring. Frequent electronic communications and/or personal contacts bring participants together with mentors to facilitate academic, career, and personal achievement.