College Outreach USA

In-Person Seminars

The most effective way we reach out to students who are from: a Minority group; and/or an Inner city; and/or a Low income family (MIL) is by conducting in-person seminars which are geared specifically toward these students. Representatives from our member colleges serve as the experts who present information, answer questions, and provide their personal insight on college admissions.

The half-day seminar provides a comprehensive overview of the college process for the students, their parents, and their mentors. Students who are identified as having college potential are invited to attend by their teachers, guidance counselors, or mentors from other youth activities. Audiences range in size from 200 to 400 students and parents, as space and personnel allow, with smaller group discussions following the main meeting.

Speakers are admission Deans, Directors, or staff members from our colleges as well as experienced admissions counselors and alumni. Speakers encourage the students to overcome personal obstacles and inspire them to keep their eye on college as a goal.

For example:

  • The Texas Christian University Dean addresses Latino students about leaving their close-knit families to go away to college.
  • A Harvard Assistant Director tells his story of being rescued by a teacher who believed in him.

In-Person Seminars coming soon for school year 2017-2018.