In Loving Memory of

Brian Thomas Capraro

January 23rd, 1965 - December 6th, 1999

Brian believed that everyone has a personal calling in life that is as unique as a fingerprint. He realized at an early age that his personal calling was to help others less fortunate than he, fulfill their potential.

Brian found that through his musical ability he was able to reach out to people, get their attention, and then help them. From as early as high school he followed his calling by working with the local police department to reach out to teenagers facing drug and alcohol addiction, as well as youngsters who had lost their unique fingerprint and help them get back on the right path. He wrote and recorded the song “I’m Just a Kid,” which became the anthem for New York State’s teen drug and alcohol rehabilitation campaign. Through this song he was able to grab the attention of these teens and then help them get into a mentoring program such as the one he ran.

When it was time to go to college, Brian continued his work and received a degree in psychology from Hobart College in Geneva, NY. While there he saw the dispirit lives of the local high school students. He realized that because of their socio-economic level, very few of the local teens thought they would ever be able to attend Hobart, or any other college. Brian again used his musical ability and his position as president of Hobart’s singing group, the Statesmen, to reach out to those teens. He worked long hours to help each student with whom he worked realize he/she could go to college.

Brian went on to earn his MSW at Fordham University in NY and was enrolled in Fordham’s Ph.D. program when he passed away. As a social worker, Brian continued to counsel students with drug and alcohol dependency and students with low self esteem. Being in the New York City area he recognized that the problem he saw while at Hobart existed not only in the shadow of great centers of higher education, but also in all areas where the socio-economic levels were dispirit. His mission became clear, to help students who are minority, from an inner city, and/or from a low income family to reach their potential by being able to go on to college and fulfill their own personal calling.

In memory of Brian, his brother TC, his Mom, his Dad, and his immediate family established College Outreach USA to continue his work. Brian’s passion and dedication to each person’s personal fingerprint  lives on.