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W & L's Scholarship Program

Students who have the intellect to excel and the selflessness to care should have the opportunity to lead.


his one idea, coupled with a gift of $100 million, gave birth to an amazing new scholarship opportunity at Washington and Lee University.  The Johnson Scholarship program will build upon W & L’s legacy of educating tomorrow’s leaders by enabling 44 Johnson Scholars ― nearly 10% of each class ― to have their tuition, room and board paid in full and to graduate from Washington and Lee free of debt.  The Johnson Scholars will be chosen from among a pool of 200 finalists, selected on the basis of academic achievement and demonstrated leadership, who will be invited to campus each winter for the three day competition.  While on campus, finalists will witness first-hand how the values honored by the Johnson Scholarship Program - leadership and integrity - are integral to the Washington and Lee experience.

Johnson Scholars will form the core of scholarship winners each year, but other scholarship opportunities also abound at Washington and Lee. The H. J. Heinz Scholarship is one such opportunity. The H. J. Heinz Scholarship program targets students from disadvantaged backgrounds whose academic work, public service and leadership roles reflect their promise as fresh thinkers, active citizens and future leaders. The scholarships cover tuition, room and board, books, student activity fees and other academic expenses for four students each year. The scholarships also include paid 8-week summer internships with Heinz Corporation, both domestic and international, and the strong possibility of employment with Heinz after graduation. 

Scholarships provide W & L grads the opportunity to make more generous and visionary life decisions than would otherwise be possible.

Washington and Lee University’s 1,777 undergraduates ― representatives of 48 states, the District of Columbia and 50 countries ― enjoy a breadth and depth of curriculum that rivals that found at many larger universities, while not sacrificing the benefits inherent to a small college experience: the small class sizes, the small student to faculty ratio, and the personalized attention from faculty. Add to this the beauty of the historic campus nestled in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley and the sense of community and honor that pervades the campus culture, and it is easy to see why many students admit to being enamored with W & L from the first time hey set foot on campus. After a campus visit, many students proclaim that they are coming to Washington and Lee, scholarship or not. Luckily for them, with opportunities like the Johnson Scholarship Program and the Heinz Scholarship Program in place, more and more students will be able to follow their hearts to Washington and Lee’s Lexington, Virginia campus with scholarship in hand. 

For more information about admission to Washington and Lee, please contact us at, call us at 540-463-8710 or write us at Washington and Lee University, Office of Admission, Lexington, VA, 24450.

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