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UVA and You: Voices on Affordability


ur students raise their voices about AccessUVA which has allowed them to become a part of the UVA tradition of student self-governance, honor, leadership, diversity, service and an intellectual life. Here is what our students have to say: “

My initial decision to come here was greatly dependent upon the AccessUVA program.  Coming from a family of eight, it was miraculous and fortunate how the four siblings above me were able to attend college.  The AccessUVA program opened the doors for me to step outside my comfort zone and be the first in my family to attend a University away from home, and moreover, two of my siblings are already planning on joining me!”

Alex Ho

“I come from a working class family; both my parents work in barely above minimum wage jobs. …I was nervous coming into it all, mainly because of all the stereotypes I’d heard about UVA students.  From what I understood, you had to be preppy or rich to fit in here and I was definitely neither.  But I came in with an open mind and I didn’t see much of those things I heard.  UVA is such a diverse school… the students here are all so different.  It doesn’t take long to make new friends or meet people just like yourself.  I was and still am pleasantly surprised.”  

Rebecca Cahoon

“AccessUVA made it fiscally possible for me and my family. I know that without it I would be stacked much deeper in loans than I am now. In a way it provides a sense of relief knowing that UVA is attempting to make its students less worried about money issues, directing us more towards our studies.”

Andrew Patrick Finn

“I am from a neighborhood with a poor reputation for violence and drugs. I was not raised in a setting that would normally be seen as a precursor to a productive and fulfilling college education. I never expected to be able to pursue my studies without being severely preoccupied with finances. Access UVA has given me back my independence and sense of self-worth.”

Caitlin Bruchfield

“I am in my last year, but I never thought that I would make it this far. Coming from a single parent household in an inner-cityneighborhood, my family definitely did not have the resources or finances to send me to college. Access UVA not only opened the doors for me to attend an amazing institution, I have also studied abroad and taken amazing summer classes with financial aid … but I am very happy to say not only am I very grateful of the aid that I  have received but  in the spring I will walk the Lawn and graduate!”

Geraldine Pierre 

Three years ago, we launched Access UVA — a comprehensive financial aid program. This program has allowed us to eliminate need-based loans with grants that you don’t have to repay in the financial aid packages of low-income students.  We also cap the amount of need-based loans offered so that no student is left with an excessive amount of debt upon graduation. We have pledged to meet 100 percent of demonstrated financial need for all undergraduate students, and will provide comprehensive financial education to our students and their families.

Bright students are found everywhere. The cost of education is rising, but money should not be an obstacle. The bottom-line price of your undergraduate education may be more affordable than you expect. Pursue your dreams.  Already thousands of UVA students have benefited.  See for yourself. UVA and you; AccessUVA can make it happen.

For more information, contact: University of Virginia, Office of Undergraduate Admission, P.O. Box 400160, Charlottesville, Virginia 22904; call us at 434-982-3200; visit us on the web at; or Email us at

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