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Building a Student-Centered


“We don’t interrupt our work to help students - helping students is our work.” This statement epitomizes the student-centeredness of St. Lawrence University.


t. Lawrence is a place where you are quickly at home; where you are known by your name; where, more than merely encouraging diversity, we celebrate differences. It is a place where one-to-one connections among students, faculty, administrators and alumni are made and valued; where your talents and abilities are recognized, yet you are encouraged and challenged to grow; and where what you think, how you feel, and what you do matter. It comes down to belonging to a place where friendships are made, where the faculty stretch your mind and soul, and you can help make a community work.

St. Lawrence University is a small, coeducational university that provides a strong liberal arts education emphasizing the development of the entire person. Balancing the emphasis placed on the individual, there is a strong sense of community, which is shared by students, faculty, and staff. The region surrounding the university contributes greatly to its particular flavor. The rural location permits living and working in a peaceful atmosphere without the distractions of city living. From a government class trip to the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa to a Skiing Club trip to Quebec to an environmental science class in the Adirondacks, students take advantage of the proximity to the Adirondack Mountains, the St. Lawrence River, the cities of Ottawa and Montreal, Canada.

Many students select St. Lawrence based on its multicultural perspective. The depth of the multicultural experience at St. Lawrence is illustrated in several ways.  First, the minor in U.S. Cultural & Ethnic Studies will allow students to explore more fully an aspect related to the American culture and ethnicity and to develop a deeper understanding of cultural diversity within the United States. Second, Global Studies, is a multidisciplinary major designed to address in greater comparative depth an investigation of states, nations, cultures, communities, ecologies and economies as they exist in larger structural, cultural and natural contexts. Third, many students participate in semester- or year-abroad programs from a list of 14 countries. All programs foster cultural immersion, usually through homestays and, where possible, through internships or community service. Fourth, St. Lawrence offers several programs of study focusing on various parts of the world. Majors and/or minors are offered in African Studies, Asian Studies, Canadian Studies, Caribbean and Latin American Studies, European Studies, and Native American Studies. Fifth, the students, faculty, and staff bring their own multicultural experiences to campus. Many have lived, traveled, studied and worked in many parts of the United States, as well as abroad. Sixth, St. Lawrence was awarded a grant from the Ronald E. McNair Post-baccalaureate Achievement Program. This grant provides selected students with financial support and research opportunities to help prepare them to study for a PhD. Finally, the Office of Multicultural Affairs works with students, faculty and staff to foster a cooperative, diversified and productive atmosphere.

All students are guaranteed housing on campus for all four years. Upperclass students may choose to live in a traditional residence hall, a theme cottage, or a ‘theme area’ of a residence hall. The Artists Guild, the Low-Impact Living Greenhouse, International/Inter-cultural House, La Casa Latina, the Women’s Resource Center and the senior townhouses are some examples.

The University offers 32 sports for men and women, and more than 100 clubs, societies, and organizations. Students frequently start their own organizations, coalescing around a particular interest or concern.  Among the clubs and organizations on campus are the Black Student Union, the Native American Student Organization, A Latino Multicultural Alliance, and the Asian Student Organization. 

Presidential Diversity Scholarships are awarded to students of color selected by examining their academic performances, leadership skills, and co-curricular and community involvement. Each scholars receives a $30,000 annual merit scholarship and additional financial aid to meet demonstrated need. These students have already begun to make an impact on the university.

Some universities prepare you for a career, St. Lawrence University prepares you for life.

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