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The Place to Be You


MU in Dallas is a small, caring academic community in the heart of a vibrant city where learning takes on a personal dimension. From its strong liberal arts foundation that encourages exploration and discovery to its more than 200 student organizations that ensure a place and leadership role for anyone’s interest, SMU provides a setting to grow and learn in an environment that’s socially, academically, economically, and culturally diverse.

Founded in 1911 with a commitment to academic freedom and open inquiry, SMU welcomes students of every religion, race, color, ethnic origin, and economic status. About 76 percent of its first-year students receive some form of financial assistance, including merit- and need-based scholarships, grants, work study, payment plans, and low-interest loans. One of SMU’s merit scholarships – the Hunt Leadership Scholars Program – rewards leadership skills and a strong academic background.

A true microcosm of the world, SMU lets students develop personal skills and insights that will be invaluable in the diversified workplaces and communities of today. More than 22 percent of the student body is African American, Asian American, Native American, or Hispanic. Students come from different religious backgrounds, all 50 states, and 90 foreign countries.

SMU offers nearly 80 academic concentrations and majors, spanning areas such as business, communications, the arts, engineering, humanities, and sciences. With so many options, students often choose to customize their education with double and triple majors or individualized programs developed uniquely for their specific interests and talents. All degree programs, though, rest on the foundation of a liberal arts understanding of the world, presented in the General Education Curriculum (GEC), which provides an extraordinary foothold for success in the 21st century. Academically promising students are invited to join the University Honors Program, which fosters additional intellectual exploration and community.

SMU classes are designed to personalize each student’s academic experience. The student-to-faculty ratio is an outstanding 12-to-1, and 60 percent of all classes have fewer than 25 students. Upper-level classes often have even fewer. This enables students to build mentoring relationships with their professors, receive individualized attention, and continue learning outside the classroom.

SMU has a long tradition of providing a diverse selection of study-abroad opportunities. Almost 30 percent of SMU undergraduate students broaden their horizons in yearlong, semester, or summer programs abroad. With nearly 150programs in 50 countries, most students – with careful planning – can incorporate study abroad into their degree program.

Learning and leadership development also take place in SMU’s nearly 200 student activities and organizations. From special interest groups to intramural sports, academic interests to community service, students have many options for participation. The campus hosts more than 400 public arts events each year and sports fans can cheer on 17 NCAA Division I-A teams. Additionally, the world-renowned Willis M. Tate Distinguished Lecture Series brings international leaders, artists, scholars, and performers to SMU.

SMU is located in Dallas, Texas, one of the largest and most economically and culturally diverse cities in the country. Centrally situated in the Sunbelt, the city is home to hundreds of national and multinational corporations and an international airport. SMU has a close working relationship with business and civic leaders in the region, and many top executives and SMU alumni serve as mentors and regularly visit campus to share information and ideas with students or to recruit graduates.

SMU’s strong academic programs, lively social and cultural environment, supportive atmosphere, and sense of community make it easy to find your place. At the same time, you’ll be challenged constantly, helping you grow intellectually and personally as you prepare yourself for a successful life in the real world. Discover yourself. Discover SMU.

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