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The Power of Individualized Learning


awrence University is an internationally recognized college of liberal arts and sciences and conservatory of music. Every year, students from all around the country — and around the globe — come to Appleton, Wisconsin, to blend with Lawrence University’s unique population of students. Our students hail from nearly every state and more than 50 countries to join this community of individual learners. Ghanaians, Jamaicans, Japanese, Swedes, Mexicans, Turks, New Yorkers, Californians and Wisconsinites all bring, along with their own values, a deep curiosity in the values of others. From the time you shake our president’s hand at the opening convocation, to well beyond the time you shake her hand at your graduation, you will be part of a community that respects and encourages diversity of ideas and beliefs — it is the energy that drives Lawrentians. 

At Lawrence University, you will have a personalized, meaningful education that gives you the freedom and flexibility to combine your talents and passion at a level few colleges can provide. Our average class size is 15, along with our student to faculty ratio at 9 to 1. You will have a rich life both in and out of the classroom at Lawrence.

Lawrence is a big place filled with big ideas — and big action. There is nothing homogeneous about one of the nation’s most internationally diverse student populations. Located in one of the Upper Midwest’s fastest-growing metropolitan areas, Appleton, Wisconsin, there are many opportunities for you to become involved on campus and in the greater community.

Our off-campus activities will surprise you with the breadth and depth: study anthropology in Tanzania; complete an independent project on culture in India; explore the environment at the Ecosystems Center of the Marine Biological Laboratory in Massachusetts; dive into urban in Chicago.

With 23 NCAA division III teams, 20 musical groups and ensembles, over 80 campus organizations, and dozens of other informal activities, we’ll give you many ways to fill in your life at Lawrence beyond the classroom (which will be quite full of activity, as well). Our Diversity Center provides programming and leadership to support cultural and identity differences. Major campus events celebrating multiculturalism include African American Heritage (sponsored by the Black Organization of Students), the International Cabaret (sponsored by Lawrence International), to name only a couple. In the whirlwind of activity, you will have abundant opportunities to participate — and to lead.

The greatest power in individualized learning is your willingness to release yourself to be taught and then to be the teacher.

Financial Aid

Lawrence strives to make it financially viable for all admitted applicants to enroll at Lawrence. More than 93 percent of Lawrence students receive need-based and/or merit-based financial assistance. In 2010-2011, the average need-based financial aid package exceeded $28,100. Merit-based scholarships range from $7,000 to $15,000 per year. Based on the audition, Lawrence awards a limited number of renewable scholarships to students who are pursuing a Bachelor of Music degree. These awards range from $7,000 to $15,000 per year, and are renewable for four years (five years for the double degree program). Heritage Scholarships ($7,000 to Full-Tuition) are awarded to exceptional applicants from distinctive and diverse cultural backgrounds. We seek outstanding students and future leaders who will help to make a positive impact on the Lawrence community and our global community.

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