College Outreach USA


The Bulletin Board is where our Board of Directors and our staff will post pertinent information regarding the college admission process. It could be anything from a quote from a college dean or a member of the U.S. Government, to a trend that we see happening on college campuses or in the college admissions process. If we think you should know about it, it will be posted here. Additionally, we will post your questions about the college process along with our answers to them. From time to time you might even find some short surveys or polls that will help guide the direction of this site. Once the Bulletin Board is up and running, make sure you check back regularly to see what we have to say!

Please Note: You must have registered as a student, mentor, or advocate to send a question or comment to the bulletin board. Please include your full name, email, and for which of the three categories you signed up.

Bulletin Board coming soon for school year 2017-2018.